Benefits of Energy-Efficient Modular and Manufactured Homes

Manufactured or modular homes used to be stigmatized by their reputation for low-quality materials and assembly, but this is no longer the case. Modern modular homes can be highly energy efficient and more affordable than stick-built homes.

How Long Does Construction Take?

After the panels are assembled in a factory, a modular home can be set up on site in just a few days. This is considerably faster than the construction of a stick built home, which can take months to assemble.

Is Financing Available?

A modular home is typically financeable through a mortgage just like a stick-built home is. Modular homes are considered to be similar in quality and buyer demand to stick-built homes, therefore banks are confident that they will retain their value.

Can You Design Your Modular Home?

A major benefit to modular homes is that they are highly customizable. Manufacturers offer a variety of floorplans, materials and layouts to meet every family’s need. You can typically choose how many windows, closets and other features your home has.

How Can I See Models?

Modular home manufacturers and dealers typically have photos and videos on their websites which give users an accurate presentation of the homes being offered. Virtual walk-throughs can eliminate the need to visit multiple brick and mortar sites for live tours. It can be helpful to visit a manufacturer in person, however, to get a feel for the home before you buy. Showrooms display the options available in terms of appliances, flooring, light fixtures and cabinets.

Are Modular Homes Green?

The modular home building process typically creates less waste than homes built on-site. Also, modular homes typically have excellent insulation to compensate for the thinner walls, meaning your heating and cooling needs can be lower than those in traditionally-built homes.

Consider visiting a manufacturer or dealer of modular homes to get an idea of what is available before you buy your next house.