What is a modular home?

A modular home is built indoors in a factory-like setting, rather than constructed on-site. The finished products are then sent to the new location of the home, to be assembled by the builder. Modular homes provide a number of benefits over those built on-site, which can make them an attractive option. In addition, as we provide a virtually unlimited amount of customization options – your modular home will be uniquely yours.


Why choose a modular home?

As the components of a modular home are generally constructed indoors, they are not vulnerable to weather or other outdoor challenges as is true with homes built on-site – thus (1) total construction time tends to be much quicker and (2) materials are in top condition when they arrive on the site. This means there is a reduced potential for delays (3) modular homes also tend to be less expensive. Inspections are typically performed at the factory during each phase of the construction process and generally there is no need for further inspection once the parts have been delivered to the new locations. (4) Waste tends to be lower in modular homes – they are built with state of the art technologies and effective recycling, and thus they are more environmentally friendly.

What are the major differences between a home built on-site and modular home??

The main difference is the construction process. The parts are built off site for a modular home, and then transported. In addition, built on-site homes have foundations constructed from holes in the ground, with materials to create crawlspaces. Modular homes are built on top of permanent foundations, which are then anchored to the ground.

Our modular homes

Our modular customization services are boundless! We aim to provide you with the highest quality end result. The basic floor plan is provided by Muncy Homes, who offer a wide selection of well-designed layouts – from the most basic to two-story colonials. From here, it’s up to you. Make changes to the exterior, the interior, HVAC and utilities – we can increase the sustainability of your home and thus reduce energy bills. Floor treatments, framing, insulation, drywall, roofing, windows, siding, cabinetry, plumbing and light fixtures are all installed by our professional craftsmen utilizing the state-of-the art production technology and care.