Getting a Custom Home With Modular Efficiency

There are many myths involving modular home construction, but one of the biggest that choosing this new form of home construction keeps you from getting a home that has a custom or distinctive architectural style. Many assume that all modulars are built boxy and have no defining characteristics. This is simply not the case.

The Vision for the Home

When it comes to buying or building a home, the potential buyer often has an ideal design in mind. They may be able to compromise on square feet or on location, but buyers are typically committed to a certain architectural style or layout. There are plenty of options for architectural appeal with a stick-built home, but many tend to generalize the options for what a modular manufacturer can offer. Steep roof pitches, interesting or creative floor plants, rafter tails, reverse gables, and construction material are just a few of the things that traditionally give a house style. Many of these same options are still compatible with modular designs.

The Budget for the Home

As with a stick-built home, the budget has just about everything to do with what can be done on a modular. For the most part, a modular home is designed to be affordable and space-efficient. If money is no object, then it is possible to custom design your home to have all the character or architecture you want. Modular configurations maximize useable space, but with your design and the work of a skilled architect, plans can be drawn that fit your vision for the home. Modular technology allows the pieces of your custom design to still be constructed in the precision and detail-oriented warehouse environment, then assembled on site.

Your modular home can be a complete diversion from what the common assumption of modulars may be. Working with the right retailer and architect can create a one-of-kind home that is as unique and durable as any stick-built home that had custom work.