The Housing Alternative to On-site Construction Projects

In the journey to homeownership, you may be looking for the most affordable option on the market. While conventionally built homes provide an array of options, pre-built modular homes present several advantages over this route. One clear advantage is cost. Even at bargain prices, potential homeowners find that a modular home offers unrivaled quality against on-site construction homes.

The Freedom to Choose

With pre-built homes, you have the same flexibility to choose whatever features or floor plan you want for your new home. Manufacturers will often have a wide selection of available plans, but these are adaptable to the needs of your interest or style. You can choose to outfit your home with high-end appliances or a high-end control system, or you can prefer standard addition to support a more modest budget. You don’t have to sacrifice luxury, curb appeal, or traditional amenities.

The Ease of Moving

With a traditional home that is custom built on your land, you have to worry about weather delays and the potential for theft of materials. Contractors have to worry about their employees showing up each day or equipment breaking down. Any delay can make it harder and more stressful for you and moving in. A modular home is built in a climate-controlled warehouse, where quality assurance is the number one priority. Your pieces don’t get set to the job site until the foundation is ready. All the electrical, plumbing, insulation, cutouts, and cabinets will be in place when assembled. This may only take a few weeks.

The Help to the Environment

In addition to using energy-efficient appliances in your new home, the modular presents energy efficiency through its computer-engineered precision. Your home can be certified by EnergyStar, a feat that shows how much your new residence will benefit the environment.

A modular home offers the best of traditional house building but with affordability and convenience. There are so many options on the market that your biggest challenge will be choosing the design you love the best.